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Brian Baumbusch: Press

"Harmonically vivid... intense... simmering... arresting"

"I have heard many attempts to bring the string quartet into the world of Gamelan music. I find that Mr. Baumbusch's recent work represents one of the finest of these attempts. For a composer so youthful to possess this expertise is a very hopeful sign."
David Harrington - The Kronos Quartet (Oct 15, 2010)

"Baumbusch's overture was a grand and rich musical epic and instantly drew the crowd’s amazement. Its patterns were intricate, a testament of Baumbusch’s virtuosity and his ability to push the musicians to reveal the astounding ability of their instruments (...) The rest of the concert was a walk in the park for the musicians and the audience. Good music has always had the ability to lull people into that delightful state of relaxed bliss. Excellent music, like the one presented with Bali Alloy, elevate that state even higher."

...Audiences are in for a cultural treat on Tuesday, if Baumbusch performs Argentinean folk tunes anywhere near as passionately as he speaks about them. "I love talking about this stuff," the D.C.-based, bilingual Baumbusch says mid-conversation with the exuberance of a child who just discovered ice cream...


"When I played music with Brian Baumbusch in Bali last year, I found him to be a serious musician and composer who has a profound understanding of Balinese music, dance, and culture. On a personal note, Brian Baumbusch has contributed a lot to the development of Balinese music, and I found him to be reliable, easy to work with, inquisitive, and very quick to learn."

Dr. I Made Bandem - College of the Holy Cross (Oct 5, 2010)
"The (Jose Luis Merlin Quartet) began in Madrid and has since expanded, incorporating other Argentinean musicians internationally. The quartet's mission is to revive forgotten folk songs and dances, many that have been compiled during the investigations of Brian Baumbusch."